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Overview of Health Services and Programs


Connect Health & Community has a range of services and programs aimed at addressing the needs of the community, starting from Physiotherapy, Counselling, and Dietetics, through to Walking Groups, and Support Groups.


Health Programs and GroupsWalking Group

Connect Health & Community runs a number of Health Promotion programs and groups. The priorities are to promote mental health and wellbeing, to promote physical activity, and to promote accessible and nutritious diet.


Support Groups


Connect Health & Community runs and supports a number of support groups. These groups provide a community connection, mutual support, and information sharing

 Health Services

 Most services for individuals are offered at both our Bentleigh East and Sandringham sites, but may vary from service to service. Our Contact Us page provides a map of our main catchment areas.

PhysiotherapyOur health services include (click for more detail):

  • Health Services Eligibility

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the service required. Each service page provides details of eligibility. Waiting Lists may apply to some services when there is high demand. Each service has a system in place for consideration of urgent cases.

Current information about waiting times is available by contacting the site providing the service.

  • Health Services Fees

 Our fees are based on income for most clients. If you are one a pension or have a health care card, then a small fee is charged for most services. The consultation fee may vary between services and there may be additional charges where extensive or complicated services are provided. More details are provided on the pages related to individual services. In some circumstances fees may be reduced or waived - ask to talk with a staff member from the department you require services from.

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